Hydrafacial Naperville – Look at What the Hydrafacial Sucked Out of my Pores

That came out of my skin hashtag Gunkey!! Hi I’m Danielle the digital editor for New Beauty and I just got to Schafer Plastic Surgery to get my first Hydrafacial, and before I got here I took the skin health assessment quiz online and got a 72. Is that good or is that bad? What does it mean? So the skin healthassessment tool is a new online tool that Hydrafacial has created so that patients can go online answer a few targeted questions and get a sense for what their skin type is and what the Hydrafacial can do for them! So what is a Hydrafacial? The Hydra facial has a few different steps. It cleanses, extracts, and hydrates by using targeted serums. A vortex fusion and sucks out the dead skin and detoxifies while also hydrating. What can I expect after the treatment? After your Hydrafacial treatment you can expect super soft, glowing skin. There’s absolutely no recovery time and almost everyone is a good candidate for Hydrafacial. Everything’s gonna be smooth, soft, and detoxified as well as hydrating. The question everyone wants to know is how much does it cost? Costs for Hydrafacials range depending on demographics and where you are located. Here in New York City around midtown costs anywhere from $250 and up. Let’s get started! Danielle from your skin health assessment quiz that you took I understand that you have a little bit more oil in your t-zone so I’m gonna customize the Hydrafacial treatment to your skin’s needs. When a patient has combination skin I love to use the new purple tip and it is for the deep exfoliating step of the Hydra facial this is using vortexserums that are infused into the skin as I’m deep cleansing it feels like a tiny little vacuum going around your face but also outer it’s a little gritty but it doesn’t hurt at all alright so it’s time to do the glycolic acid step so the benefits of the patient is that I’m able to get to know their skin I’m able to give them super great results and I’m able to give them minimized breakouts and soft glowing skin all right Danielle we’re ready for most patients favorite stuff the extractions typically you only do the extraction step on the t-zone so for someone like yourself we’re focusing on the nose and the chin so this is really good at getting blackheads out and now I’m going to put the Dermabuilder Booster on and that’s going to add antioxidants and peptides I love the Dermabuilder all year round as a booster because it’s really gonna drench and hydrate and plump all right so personally this is my favorite step the hydration step when the skin is drenched and hydrated it looks a lot more even and feels really soft but also the balance of oil is a lot more regulated when you’re doing a hydrafacial all right so I’ve customized the treatment to what Danielle’s now it’s just about allowing the skin to absorb and get drenched in moisture how’s that feeling alright good that was amazing I had the best time Gracie and made me feel so good my skin is glowing and there’s zero redness I can go right back to work so good news for tested subscribers if you want to get this treatment done we’re making it easier than ever in your September tube you’ll receive a free derma builder and $50 off your next treatment if you don’t subscribe to do it now while supplies last!

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