5 Dermaplaning Myths Exposed

We are here to dispell a few of the most common myths and questions that people have about Dermapalning! Don’t let these silly myths prevent you from enjoying on of the most fabulous facial procedures!

1. ⁣⁣My hair will grow in thicker and darker⁣: It is physiologically impossible for this to happen.⁣⁣⁣

2. Dermaplaning is painful⁣: Dermaplaning is absolutely pain-free and is much more tolerable than waxing, lasering, or threading when it comes to hair removal. ⁣⁣
3. Dermaplaning will cause acne or Blemishes: By exfoliating the dead skin, dermaplaning will help to prevent blemishes nad breakouts. It will also allow for much better serum and product penetration.⁣⁣
4. Shaving is the same thing⁣⁣: Shaving is absolutely NOT dermaplaning. Razors only remove hair, while dermaplaning uses a medical-grade scalpel that can remove remove dead skin cells and vellus hair. ⁣⁣

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