Would you like to have a more Sculpted and Lifted Booty without dangerous surgery or invasive prodedures?

EMSCULPT is a revolutionary body contouring treatment that’s 100% non-invasive, has little to no downtime and will give you results that look as if you’ve been hitting the gym super hard lately.  Its the equivalent to 20000 squats plus the benefit of other exercises since it targets all the muscles in the area!  Plus, it’s done at a doctor’s office and requires you to lie down, as you’re strapped to a machine that does all the work for only 30 minutes.

Emsculpt is a completely non-invasive treatment that is changing the way people look and feel their best, allowing them to achieve a body they’ve always wanted without surgery.

As the world’s first non-surgical butt lift procedure, EMSCULPT simultaneously targets muscle and fat in your butt to make it slimmer, rounder and more muscular – all without having to spend endless hours in the gym or see a plastic surgeon. So, if you’re tired of having a flat rear and want to really highlight your natural curves, continue reading to find out why EMSCULPT is the best non-surgical butt lift treatment available!  It’s time to bring your Booty Back!

EMSCULPT Can Help You Get A Better Butt Without Surgery!

The great thing about EMSCULPT is that it’s an FDA-approved treatment that strengthens your butt muscles to tone, lift and firm the area without any knives, incisions, anesthesia or any downtime on your part.

Since it’s a non-invasive treatment, EMSCULPT is done at a certified Emsculpt Clinic, using a special technology that uses high-intensity electromagnetic energy to stimulate the muscles. The machine’s electromagnetic energy goes deep into the butt muscle and forces it to contract intensely.  It targets ALL of the gluteal muscles!

This is what allows the region’s muscle fibers to remodel and adapt, similar to a really intense butt day at the gym (but way better and with much less soreness). Because the machine is making your butt’s muscles contract at a fast pace, these muscles grow stronger and thicker to elevate the position of your butt, add volume and enhance its overall shape.

As the Emsculpt Machine works all of your butt muscles, the treatment causes permanent fat cell destruction in the region so that your butt muscles can look more sculpted!

Why EMSCULPT Is A Better Choice Than A Surgical Butt Lift

Forget a Brazilian butt lift because EMSCULPT is way better than the popular surgery. Thanks to the treatment’s ability to really build noticeable muscle in the butt, it’s the best non-surgical option for those who want a better butt, but not the cost and downtime of surgery.

Plus, EMSCULPT is also great for lean patients that don’t have enough excess fat for a fat transfer butt lift, but still want to improve the look and shape of their rear. Patients also don’t have to worry about having any artificial fillers being injected into their body given the EMSCULPT procedure enhances the appearance of their butt, using the body’s natural ability to build muscle.  Emsculpt is the best choice!!

With a surgical butt lift, you have to attend many appointments, dish out thousands of dollars, go under, get incisions and be out of commission for a few weeks. Plus, there are a lot of side effects to surgery and the results won’t always be how you wanted them to turn out.

With EMSCULPT, you lose all the risks you have with surgery and only have to commit to four or five 30-minute sessions within the span of two weeks. After those initial sessions, you can expect to see noticeable toning and lifting of your butt in about three to four weeks.

On average, EMSCULPT patients usually see a 16% increase in muscle mass and an average of 19% decrease in subcutaneous fat in the area. You’ll also be able to notice a difference in your butt days after the first session, giving you immediate satisfaction in your choice to go with EMSCULPT instead of a surgical butt lift. Clients report that they feel stronger after starting Emsculpt Treatments! You won’t be able to see results for months after the surgery, which can really mess with your self-confidence during the healing period.

Unlike surgical butt lift procedures, EMSCULPT has no downtime. You can resume your daily activities and even go back to work once you’re done with your session. The next day, you’ll feel very sore in your butt, similar to how it feels after a very intense workout session. With surgery, you’ll feel immense pain and will have to take prescription drugs for pain management.

The cost is a lot cheaper than surgical butt lifts, too. Expect to pay anywhere from $3,000 to $4,000, depending on where you live and what professional you see for the treatment. A surgical butt lift can cost you $10,000 or more; thus, you’ll be saving money by opting for EMSCULPT instead.

Who Can Have EMSCULPT?

EMSCULPT sessions cab help just about anyone!  It’s best for those who already follow a healthy diet and exercise regimen but are not seeing the results they want. The best candidates are those in good shape and have little fat because they already live an active lifestyle

Patients who are obese and overweight are not always the right candidates for this procedure since EMSCULPT does not replace a healthy diet or exercise. However they can still enjouy the benefits of stronger muscles and a slimmer more contoured figure!

Candidates are also recommended to undergo scheduled maintenance visits for optimal results. Although the elimated fat cells in the butt can’t grow back but weight gain can still cause remaining fat cells to grow, thus hindering results. Muscle mass gained by undergoing EMSCULPT sessions have been show to last in clients even after one year post treatment!

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